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How can I help?

What are your goals? 
What are the paths towards these?
What's stopping you?
What do you need? 
What should you do now? Why?
I can help you work towards your goals. These may be relatively simple (e.g. 'I want to improve my grade in an upcoming music assessment') or more complex (e.g. 'I want maximise my potential' or 'I'm scared of performing, what do I do?'). If you are interested in my help, I will begin a dialogue with you, initiating a process where we analyse where you are, where you want to be and my recommendations for action.
I spend my life helping students with these questions through my work as an educator and performer with my praxis informed by academic research. I have helped hundreds of students to 'become who they are'. Now it's your turn. What are you waiting for? No really ... what are you waiting for?

I have successfully completed Life Coach qualification and hold a Life Coaching Certificate, awarded by the Northern Council for Further Education.

How it works?

  • The first step is simple. Get in contact, say hello and express your interest in coaching. You can email me at or fill in the contact form below.​​

  • We begin a dialogue. I will ask you questions about yourself and find out more regarding your aims, interests and current projects. This dialogue may include review of your recent recorded materials (e.g. practise performances).

  • We agree action points and deadlines.

  • Once the deadline has been reached and action points 'actioned', we will evaluate your progress, identifying positive changes made, the results of your actions, any unexpected benefits and what insights have been attained. 

How much does it cost?

'Value' is subjective. My coaching service works on a 'Pay what you want' basis. Once we have completed a cycle of coaching, as part of the e(value)ation process, you will assess the 'value' of the service and pledge a fee. I will send you an invoice for payment of this amount.

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